Simple v Elegant Plans

The task of forging a place for cycling, in cities that now have cars deep in their souls, is being hindered by simple ideas. “Simply lower speed limits and introduce no-fault laws to protect cyclists,” is […]

How much of our taxes go to support cars?

The headline to this TIME articles reads: “We pay more to drive than we spend on taxes.” Yes, it’s around 10K per year for the average (American) family, or let’s say 1K per month for anyone […]

Aussie bike stores and helmet laws.

I can bite my tongue no longer. One too many Australian bike retailers, has told me they need mandatory helmet laws, to stay in business. If only bicycle retailers had not wasted their youths as tour-de-france […]

Maximizing the joy of long rides

Maximum pleasure with minimum pain, and minimum effort for maximum gain: my unashamedly hedonistic world view. Last night I joined a large group of architects for the opening of some holiday units—beautifully, naturally—68km from town. 31 […]

Spurious gossip only tangentially related to cycling

I once held in my hand, handwritten letters between Louis I. Kahn and Jackie O’—though she had signed her name Jackie Kennedy. I was a PhD candidate, spending a month in Louis Kahn’s archive at The […]