Finally, a practical use for ramps in the sky.

Architecture of the sky! You might say we have dreamed of it since the Tower of Babel. Masons persisted with Gothic Cathedrals, but since the industrial revolution, it has been envisioned as impossibly light. Give us […]

A pragmatic approach to building bicycling cities

Infrastructure and laws privileging bicycles over cars in The Netherlands, were borne of unique circumstances in the early 1970s: hundreds of children killed on their bikes every year, mass demonstrations, car free Sundays, plus an oil […]

Enjoying long rides in the rain

After 20 years of experimentation, with ponchos, gore-tex, and just getting wet, I have come to the conclusion that the further one rides in the rain, the less they need to wear for the journey. Anyone […]

He said he was Il!

Now Kim Jong Il is as ill as Il can be, I feel a little bit bad about having poked fun at him, with this post on my old blog. Followers of the news know him […]

Whatever became of the Wassily bikes?

It looks like something Marcel Breuer built just for me, doubly so when you consider his Wassily Chair was inspired by the handlebars of his bike. But alas, it is merely the result of a bizarre […]