Velorbis Churchill Classic, for sale to fine home

I am alive to the idea of selling my Velorbis Churchill Classic, with both leather and standard coat guards. AUD$1200 seems like a gentlemanly price, with the buyer to arrange shipping. The forks and rear rack […]

Say it is so, and so it shall be: you now live under Dutch law

Okay, so your country’s laws say you must wear a bicycle helmet and ride in the middle of the road with the cars. Really? Could you not, in fact, be in Holland, where the law tells […]

Decorating what you really aught to be hiding

It has been said of my own weary calf muscles: “holy moly, such well defined calf muscles!” That is because I have calf muscles so well defined they should be pickled after I’m dead, for artists […]

bikes plans and broader visions

Who writes a bike plan? Is it something drawn up by regular cyclists, identifying pot-holes in the routes they already have? A venerable quarter to one half of the world’s bike blogs are devoted, in part, […]

Fun with interactive maps

I have spent the evening tagging locations along the bike loop I’m designing for my city, Newcastle, Australia. With google maps, I’ve been able to open up my map for anyone to tag it, or to […]