Qualified to debunk vehicular cycling

Let me tell you, just how mightily qualified I do be, to debunk the principle of vehicular cycling. I borrowed the doctrine’s Good Book, Effective Cycling, from my local library in 1993, back when I had […]

Shane Warne highlights stupidity of traffic planners

There are people in this country who look to Shane Warne as a role model, who we can automatically assume to be dumb enough to be dangerous. Mr Warne is already guilty of inciting his followers […]

Pedal powered trollies, and bike paths conceived as linear malls

Anyone can design bicycle infrastructure. I mean, if the Dutch can do it, with their limited English, how hard can it possibly be? The problem no one seems able to crack, is the one of garnering […]

More on these waterways, that have so bewitched me

A few times every day, an architectural pilgrim will crouch as to position their camera low to the plaza of Louis I’ Kahn’s Salk Institute in La Jolla CA. A stream in a blank plane of […]

Distancing ones self from races of truth

Like many road racers who are known more for their sprinting, than their breakaway threat, I have never gone out and bought gear for time trialing. I accept the humiliation that awaits me, when our times […]