Is it only European bike stores that stock bikes for commuting?

Here’s a photo of my ol’ buddy Scoop. Since I am fortunate enough to own two dapper bikes (Velorbis gave me the Scrap Deluxe to review), I am able to loan Scoop a bike to match […]

Get the look: most unwanted pretender

Allow me to preface my salient point, by reminding you briefly, how road racing cyclists do not appreciate non racing cyclists, pretending they do race, in the way that they dress. I have long lobbied bicycle […]

I really do hate those charity bike rides

It irks me that, just because I ride bikes, I am often asked to cycle for charity. Let’s be fair now: is every person who regularly drives, accosted at least a few times per year, about […]

A message for anyone racing against me today

Today is Saturday, and Saturday is race day, when men must hold onto their power. For each of us knows, some death-or-glory decisions await us today. In the lead up, we will not even glance at […]

Roundup of cycling as represented on design websites

When you don’t have an original idea to espouse, or a burning issue to get off your chest, and when you’re kinda worn out from work, there’s always cool hunting. For me it’s as simple as […]