Understanding the priest bike

I have developed an odd fascination with priests’ bikes, that I swear are the forebears of full carbon racers. The mantra of performance frame makers is “lateral stiffness and vertical compliance”. This can be achieved by […]

Opportunity to sponsor a landmark publication on planning for cycling

I have just added a Book Sponsorship page to my site. I am looking for organisations who are leaders in urban cycling, to partner with the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) Publishers, to bring my book Cycle-Space […]

The need for helmets is a matter of context

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lqo4hwnJt6Y Whether or not you wear a helmet, clearly depends on the context. If riding slow on an upright style bike, it is unlikely your head will hit the ground, as demonstrated in the video clip […]

"Just do it, and apologise later"

A former boss of mine used to say that. “Just do it, and apologise later.” We got so much achieved. He was of the generation who looked to Archigram for their inspiration; Archigram who had the marvellous idea […]

Humane traffic management on country roads

On narrow country roads throughout the Netherlands, the needs of cyclists come before those of drivers. Cycling southward from Amsterdam to Rotterdam last year, I was shocked to realise much of the marked bike route I […]