My mountain bike loves somebody else

Now I know why I don’t love my mountain bike. It is because my mountain bike doesn’t love me. She would rather be at fancy 24hr enduro events, being ridden by the great Gusto, who makes […]

Why does subversive architecture, not subvert traffic?

Architectural educators rarely dissuade students from designing projects that subvert capitalism. Leaving half your site undeveloped for spontaneous renditions of the musical Hair; overhanging boundaries in the manner of Libeskind; totally burying a building as though […]

A day in the life of a bike rickshaw rider

I have been undercover, making new confidences, to bring you a story. You may have seen bicycle rickshaws in your first-world city, and maybe even have taken a ride. If you’re the kind of person who […]

Cycle Chic and le Tour. What does this mean?

I just noticed a wonderful sign that cycling for everyday transport, has truly stepped from the shadow of cycling, the sport. Mikael Colville Andersen, one of the world’s most vociferous champions of everyday cycling for transport, […]

Why do art and design schools always seem to have the most bikes?

Honestly, this wasn’t concocted. I didn’t plan to bring home photos of buildings drowning in bikes from my time last year at Harvard, and find all of those buildings just happen to be schools teaching creative […]