What home means when you ride

Their homes greet drivers with automatic garage doors, and the same controlled air and broadcast entertainment they were being soothed by 10 minutes ago on the freeway. They step from their car to their kitchen, turn […]

Why Australian cyclists aren't using their bike paths

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUv8T0vvk_U Mountain bike riders are known to drink mass market beer, and a lot of Stones Green Ginger Wine. BMX riders are known to drink methylated spirits. Most cyclists though would rarely deign to drink beer worth […]

Cars have made people into machines.

Drivers who intensionally and maliciously try to distract cyclists are the targets of new American laws, that really aught to be adopted here in Australia. I have just spent a Summer riding bicycle rickshaws, in one sense […]

Driving is a substitute means of experiencing landscape

You know what these are both for, and it sure isn’t farming or fishing. To the hedonist, rolling hills are for stretching the calves until the crest, then tucking down and making use of his 11 […]

Bill Dunster's "Velocity"

There can be no hiding my enthusiasm for 8-House in Copenhagen, the building by architects BIG that allows users to cycle home to their tenth story apartment. It has recently come to my attention, that a […]