Environmental Pacts and Commitment

Here is a short post on a topic that deserves, perhaps, a whole book to explain. Nations’ and individuals’ decisions to act sustainably for an uncertain longer term benefit, or else unsustainably for a certain gain […]

Finally car free, and ready to roll

My credibility just shot through the roof. The family car has been sold and guess what, even my Primrose is happy. Insured for $17,000. Sold for $2,600. Okay, so perhaps I could have driven it into […]

cycling sensibly, albeit illegally

My understanding is the defence of necessity annuls pretty much every law pertaining to cycling. So get out there and take advantage. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7U_0ujBOO8

When cycling is no longer trendy

There are fundamental forces behind the recent world wide increase in bicycle transport. A sharp increase in oil prices helped us in 2007. Crippling congestion has helped us in cities that have crippling congestion. Those cities […]

Get the look: my actual look

Of all the looks I have “gotten” since startin’ my bloggin’, this one isn’t concocted. I’m talking here about my look, that has slowly evolved over the years and that doesn’t disguise what I am: a […]