Funding Bicycle Urbanism, Now!

From the very start of the pandemic, opinions have been emerging as to how city planning and transport would now change. It seemed every person on the media’s list of experts, was ready to forecast an […]

Tour de Covid-19: the pandemic explained for bike racers.

Whether it’s career progression, marriage, world politics or indeed other sports, competitive cycling offers analogies that help our understanding in ways that allow us to chart a way forward. Cooking your wife dinner when she’s had […]

When governments set man traps to harm cyclists.

We’ve all heard horror stories about planks spiked with nails and covered over by leaves, or of door nobs joined to live wires. Sometimes they’re just sociopathic, like the razor blade on the waterslide. Sometimes they’re […]

Behind the scenes look at my new life as a women's swimwear designer.

Preamble You might be wondering why my once regular blog posts have disappeared from your feed for so long. I was in a coma. I was working too much in the Netherlands, where most people don’t […]

Driverless Cars or Cycling to Trains?

Preface This essay was first published in February 2018 for paid subscribers to my Patreon site. It became the basis of a number of public lectures I would give in Oslo, a city that because of […]