Cycle Space constructs a perfect argument for the ubiquitous return of the bicycle in everyday life and in all classes of society.Domus

Fleming has given readers and bikers 8 snapshots and many more ideas for thinking about ways to move forwardArchidose

[Fleming] issues a useful challenge to urban designers to consider the next frontier in propelling biking from a marginal to a more practical form of transit. LA. Review of Books

Seine Beobachtungen aus Fahrradfahrerperspektive sind beißend komisch. (His observations of cyclists perspective are bitingly funny). — Bauwelt

The chapters of Cycle Space work through design tactics underway and to come, as architects and urban designers lend their weight to the cycling renaissance. Like every agenda these professions have backed in the past, cycling will capture the public imagination as never before, thanks to their vision.

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Featuring portraits of: AmsterdamChicagoCopenhagenNew YorkPortland, OregonParisSingaporeSydney

Reviews and press: Domus;  ArchidoseFiets Fanaten (Dutch); Amsterdam Cycle Chic; ArchiNed (Dutch); RO Magazine (Dutch); De Volksrant (Dutch); amazon reader reviews,

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NAi010 Publishers in the Netherlands is one of the most influential publishing houses in the fields of architecture and urban design, having published such classics as Herman Hertzberger’s Lessons for Students in Architecture, Rem Koolhaas’s S,M,L,XL and MVRDV’s FARMAX. I am delighted to publish my work with the leading architectural press of the leading bike nation, and proud Cycle Space was chosen as the flagship title in their Fall catalogue, 2012.

Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

Frankfurt Book Fair 2012