Bike tribe v bike tribe

All the bike racing clubs along the coast North of Sydney converged yesterday upon a mountain pass near Bulahdelah, for combined races. The famous “Bulahdelah Bends”, where the trees grow tall from kids’ vomit, sees almost no […]

Test ride Tasmania in half a day

Yep yep yep, too busy to blog, but not too busy to fly to Tasmania for a day, just to see if it’s true, if the roads down there are as quiet as North Korea’s, as […]

Without even thawing a prawn

One of the delights of living in a car city, is the absence of pedestrians or other cyclists on the protected side of the parked cars. I doubt it would be so quick bringing groceries home […]

From Brownfields to Bikefields (sample passage)

I’ve been busy lately preparing a few presentations I’ll be giving on cycling and cities, in the next couple of days. A lot of thought needs to go into what bike to arrive on, what clothes […]

Nothing here for Mr Blanket Solution

You may know him. Whatever you suggest to improve cycling won’t work, for some reason or another. Either there is a tribe in Peru who will object to your bike share because of their religion, or […]