Now collecting bikes in the names of old friends

Being the hyper-divulgent type that I am, I have not kept a very tight lid on my secret plans to leave this city and move to Launceston in Tasmania in just a few weeks. I know, […]

The Schisms and Sects of Contemporary Cycling, by Luke MacLachlan (guest Cycle-Space author)

Luke writes: I have just read “In the Shadow of the Sword,” about the growth of Christianity and Islam. It describes the factions of the early Church – the Arians, the Monophysites, the Orthodox, the heterodox, […]

The Fiat factory recreated for bikes

Should I rush this, or take it slow? Though the subject matter is surely deserving of candles and intellectual foreplay, between you, my reader, and I, I’m afraid I’m in a hurry my dear, and just […]

Skinny guy in big suit discriminates against cyclists.

Councillor Ken Ong heads Melbourne City Council’s planning committee, and believes he was almost hit recently by a bike coming through a red light. (Full story here). My answer would be to do away with the need […]

Shimano or Campagnolo?

If it has to be one of the countries we beat in the war, now overcharging me for the products of their manufacturing industries, let that country be Italy. Whenever the Japanese rip me off, I […]