Bike Hour is not a Parade.

Bike Hour is not a parade. If ever some breakthrough did bring it to world-wide attention, and Bike Hour attracted millions of riders, they would be spread out across millions of separate locations. Local news film […]

Are you a bicycling anarchist?

Answer yes or no to the following: Do you like this invention? Have you ever sang this song for self motivation while riding? Do you interpret laws to suit yourself, as doth Dr. Behooving? Do you share […]

Optimising the knowledge-based city

The networks of land that were forged from farmlands and wilderness in the industrial age, so our ancestors could move and process commodities, have the potential of now becoming networks for moving and processing knowledge. That old […]

Cities that need to send all their shopkeepers to Florence, for a free holiday.

If only politics would abide, planners would create vehicular exclusion zones around all city centres, like the one that keeps growing in Florence. If they were bike nuts like me, those planners would litter city centres […]

Cities that have to die first

When Richard Florida’s speaking fee hit UDS$35,000, he was accepting invitations to speak in cities no creative young hot-shot would deign to step foot in. (That story here). Speakers in demand quickly turn into pied pipers. […]