From commos to condos

Bicycle oriented development, right now, is a nebulous trend seemingly owned by the overeducated/underpaid demographic, you know: community engagement officers working for local government; barristers; bike mechanics; young architects. Folk like we used to be, when […]

Can one judge an expert by the height of his hair?

As a child of the generation he raised, I greatly admire former PM of Australia, Robert J. Hawke. While Ronnie and Maggie were teaching millions of British and American children “JUST SAY NO”, Bob was telling […]

Traffic engineers and their idea of "capacity"

The green and yellow roads on this map are arterial, and designed to maximise traffic capacity. I can accept that. There are almost 6 million people in Singapore and almost 1 million cars. If both figures […]

A brilliant cyclist and a brilliant mind

Take the greatest competitive cyclist of the late ’90s (now Lance has proven the rest were all drugged), and Harvard’s leading researcher on the health and safety of cycling, and give us both a weekend in […]


From nai010 Publishers in Rotterdam: > How the bicycle can save the city > The first book to view the city through the lens of the bicycle > With portraits of eight major cities and their […]