green maps

A great question to ask when looking for answers to the problem of cycling, is “Where can I be on a bike in my city?” Giambattista Nolli’s famous map from 1748 came out of a similar question. He […]

Blue Maps

Great answers begin with great questions. One I like to ask is: Where can governments give free reign to bikes with no objection from voters who drive? The answer to that can be seen in a Blue Map. Cities […]

Anticipating the next wave of bicycle advocacy.

Cycling was mainstream throughout the industrialised world before WW2, not just in countries like Denmark and the Netherlands. Their rates were undoubtedly higher. Still, cycling would have snowballed in the Anglosphere too, except for one thing. Our countries […]

Our frustration with rail and road networks.

I spent last week in Germany and it’s a machine. That is the problem. Machines relay actions in a linear and inflexible fashion. The piston turns the cam shaft that turns this cog and that cog […]

"e" stands for "Euro" in e-Bike.

EuroBike is funny: And the girls there thought I was quite funny!   And I understood what I was there for: But most of the exhibitors were totally lost. Ask them and it’s e-Bike, e-Bike, e-Bike. It’s as […]