The next step for Dutch Cycling

What an incredible week I have just had in the Netherlands! Barely a moment to stop for a herring, and I wouldn’t have either, were it not for the persuasions of Meredith from Amsterdam Cycle Chic. […]

Urban Bike Night at the NAi


How I pack my Brompton on planes

I’m packing to fly out to Rotterdam tomorrow to be a speaker at this, and thought I would dump a clip on youtube showing how I pack my Brompton when I’m going on work trips. I’ve […]

Oh no, another High Line clone

If life were school I would be waving my arm in the air right now, saying “ask me, ask me”, because this is one occasion when my training gives me the right answer. God help us […]

Vat, are you cwazy man!

We’re all guilty sometimes of not valuing what we have worked so hard to achieve. The old black dog (depression) bit me 5 years ago, when I looked around at my life and all I had […]