Will cycling be Trumped?

Transport cycling—especially when I’ve had to do it on roads with my children—has led me to viscerally despise the kind of politician who courts bigots for votes by victimising out-groups. Transport cyclists are a persecuted and vulnerable […]

How the Dutch do it: fewer train stations with bike-centric catchments.

Marco te Brömmelstroet  (Urban Cycling Institute / University of Amsterdam, etc. etc.) was in Sydney recently, as the drawcard speaker for an evening of talks called How the Dutch Do It.  I know what you’re thinking, that being told “How […]


The above image has been produced to mark a generous interval of time since this blog started in 2009. There have also been somewhat more than 1000 blog posts, I’m not sure the precise number. Without […]

Bicycle Oriented Development Plans

It is well understood that rail and light rail are catalysts for new development and that they can pay for themselves by increasing land taxes. The same is true of bike infrastructure. Our Bicycle Oriented Development (BOD) plans identify routes for linear […]

blue maps

Great answers begin with great questions. One I like to ask is: Where can governments give free reign to bikes with no objection from voters who drive? The answer to that can be seen in a Blue Map. Cities […]