KPG Design Studio not hiding their bike love

A velomobile with a stamped aluminium monocoque chassis. The chassis becomes the frame. By jingo, I love the way architects think! This is from KPG Design Studio. I believe their resident bike nut is Donald Paine. […]

Rustbelt opportunities for Bicycle Transport


So many cities are ruined by locals

I’ve spent most of my life in one city, blind to its faults. It’s only when you go someplace new that you notice the worse thing about cities: the morons who live there. I have vowed […]

Highlights from the Velo-City Cycling Visionaries Award (Urban Design)

For the past 3 years I have made it my business to keep watch for visionary architectural proposals that might advance cycling. Once every 2 or 3 months a conspicuously architectural bike shed will come along, […]

Narrow roads, narrower footpaths, and narrow minds.

Policing illegal parking on footpaths is just as important as policing speeding. Blocked footpaths force people in wheelchairs, people with prams, and kids on bikes, into traffic. Perhaps worse, is the disincentive to walk or cycle […]