Balanced perspectives on cycle-specific apparel

According to the cycle chic movement, people don’t need special clothes to start cycling. That’s 95% true. If you are making the big shift to bicycle transport from the comfort of driving between internal garages, you […]

bicycle-tech: architecture, planning, clothing and customs

What ever happened to raincoats? On rainy days when I was in school, all the kids turned up in yellow. All our houses had hooks in the laundries, or inside the front doors, loaded with plastic […]

Future-mayor proofing your bike plan

While ever less than 50% of voters really love their bicycle transport, rain hail or shine, there will be mayoral candidates in the shadows ready to ride an anti-bike backlash to office. Toronto is seeing it […]

Response to article in Journal of Urban Design

If you have access to Journal of Urban Design via a library, here’s a great read: Karl Kullmann (2013): Green-Networks: Integrating Alternative Circulation Systems into Post-industrial Cities, Journal of Urban Design, 18:1, 36-58 I was hooked from the […]

All the things I would fix with new laws

The idea that what was good for Ford was good for America, influenced law makers for decades. Now we know bikes are good for cities, it’s time we made laws that are good for Gazelle, Giant, […]