Constructing nude-space in Seattle

The Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle is one of America’s first urban bike trails, so has had time to wield an effect on surrounding urban development. It has provided the non-vehicular access that made it viable to […]

The Velohome, by Abdel Soudan

Imagine a long street lined with maisonette apartments, each with a small front courtyard for bikes. Now in your minds eye coil that street it into a spiral. Each apartment will be slightly higher than the […]

Mix-Moding Seattle

Thank you Seattle. Any city that welcomes a weary traveller off of the plane with a train, and lets them mix-mode, deserves some kind of Dr. Behooving big hug, or kiss, or even frottage—though the light […]

Bike lanes and bark lanes. Paths, nodes and districts.

I accept the world’s mockery of Australia and its misguided bike helmet laws. There is no doubt we have overreacted to one specific danger of cycling, without looking at the big picture. However, if we look […]

Architecture for when we are centaurs

It is the weekend, when from the comfort of my Barcelona Chair, sipping pinot noir, your beloved Dr Behooving develops a certain proclivity for generalisations. Shall we say then that driving and walking are broken as modes, […]