Judge declares the road is a chopping board.

There is a breed of murderers roaming free in Australia. They don’t number in the dozens like child killers, jihadist extremists, cannibals or serial killers. They don’t number in the hundreds like rapists, burglars, of beefed up […]

Give me a glutton-proof city

Each of has our own list of things we need to extract from our cities. Work, education, a social life, hobbies… these are the usual things at the top of our lists. Big cities are better […]

P-Plates. A right of passage for every dumb bastard.

I’m seeing pictures on facebook of godchildren and nieces proudly holding their P-plates in front of their parents’ cars. Congratulations darling, you are about to get fat, vote for wars in Iraq, buy a house out […]

Bike planning lessons from Umberto Eco and Charles Jencks

Semiotics was a theory-fad among architects when I was a student. It did yield one useful lesson though: the lesson of the toilet bowl. It starts with Umberto Eco who said some objects are so well […]

How to be happy

Here in Australia we have just enjoyed Mental Health Week, during which every radio program it seems had some shrink as a guest. Let me save you the worry of downloading all of those podcasts. Open […]