Saying "yes" to the e-bike is saying "no" to good city design.

If you need an e-bike you need a new city. I’ll explain it to you this way. Suppose you moved into a new house where all the taps had tiny handles and you couldn’t turn any […]

From the sketchbook this week.

To be read in conjunction with a prior post and article on Velotopia. We had a staff retreat yesterday. Given my penchant for cycling, even to staff retreats 40km away in the country, I felt excused […]

Manifesto of personal freedom

I assert my right to cycle in full-size headphones (yeah, leave out the helmet), with Talking Heads blasting my brains out. I’ll be off-road on a trail. Don’t you worry about me. I’ll write what I […]

Cheap City

In the past I have argued that built environment spending to increase cycling should be splashy and bold. Projects should provide politicians opportunities to pork-barrel for votes. Architects, of course, can play a great role in this, […]

Treat 'em mean and keep 'em lean. The way forward for city states.

Opinions differ. Mine is that the average human is brain dead. Our ancestors were when they drank and screwed in West Ireland while their overlords planned wars from their castles. Our parents were when they bought […]