Being old enough to be retro

  Sorry my boys, Pappa might not have long now. Remember me well, take whatever wisdom I was able to impart, marry wisely and have sons to continue the name…Here’s something to make us all feel […]

How racing has changed

2009, crossing a gap                                                     2009, winning a sprint! On this […]

Style-over-speed brands of the world

starting with those you can buy in Australia This entry will take me a while to build up. The intention is to let Australian buyers know how to get any of these covetable brands, in the […]

Instant Cycling "Culture"

People ask me, "Behoovingmoving, how do we create a cycling ‘culture’? We need a ‘culture’ of cycling. How do we create a cycling CULTURE?" As one who has learned to shave, I have no time for […]

An unbelievable sight

I can hardly believe that someone in my little town is getting around on a Pedersen bicycle!!! I saw him twice last Thursday, the second time riding up Tyrell Street, possibly to convince himself that he […]