How very—how you say?— "Mediterranean"!

Every year at this time I drop the bicycle urbanist persona and take a bus load of architecture students on a grand tour of Italy. I have developed quite a routine with a chronological itinerary focusing on the […]

Trying to walk out of Dubai airport

To be fair, if it wasn’t for thousands of other cities that are oil dependent by design, there wouldn’t even be a Dubai. So in one sense it is fitting that Dubai be a celebration of machine […]

Don't move to Tassie. Fight for affordable housing in Sydney.

Angry rant warning plus a thank you to the incomparable Susie Cooper for the photo of me that you’ll find below. This is the only direct route from my (current) neighbourhood to the town centre of […]

Inside out cities

People often marvel at Central Park. “Imagine,” they say, “a giant park, right in the middle of the city!”   What do they want to find? The biggest intersection and conglomeration of service stations? Moving from […]

Exporting a sustainable vision

I’m no economist, but as far as I can ascertain, the Australian government gets beads from other countries in exchange for coal, iron ore and fancy looking degrees. Our government then distributes those beads to Australian citizens (through direct […]