Join the club!

While I will still be blogging, and shooting the breeze, I am also now writing serious essays for paid subscribers to my new Patreon page. The first subscribers coming into this exclusive club are politicians, the […]

Dockless Bike Share: what is your civic obligation?

Bore me to death why don’t you! That is not so much directed to you, blog reader (though many of your comments are rather sleepy) than it is to anyone who has written about dockless bike […]

Reclaiming the word "cyclist" as an unmarked term.

The second half of the twentieth-century was a dark age for bicycle transport. Cycling (by which I mean cycling for transport) became so uncommon that the word “cyclist” was taken to mean someone in lycra and […]

Why bicycling is the architect's soup can

In any country except for the Netherlands (where cycling is passé), construction work for the bicycle is symbolic, shockingly so. It invites controversy. People say, “for bikes?” in the incredulous way pagans would have looked at the […]

A Guide to Your Next Suicide

About once a year the considerate and apolitical police force here in NSW Australia hold Operation Pedro, where officers are sent onto the street to fine 13 year olds for riding on footpaths, ping conscious objectors […]