Before there was bicycletecture

My friend Hamish lives on the top floor of a late 1960s 6-pack block of walk-up apartments, and this is the scene when I call by for a sip of his whiskey. It could be worse. […]

Small wheel loonacy

Believing in small wheels seems rather like believing in anything for which there’s no proof (psychology, god, my Primrose’s headaches): it marks the believer a wee little bonkers. I know Alex Moutlon once satisfied himself that […]

Spiraling Vertical Cities

As I believe I may have informed you with an earlier post, a lo-o-o-ong spiraling access balcony, as per that found in BIG’s marvelous 8-House, would be inconceivable were it not for our good friend Mr. […]

Bicycle architecture in regional centers

I have been asked to be one of three main speakers at the annual convention of the country division of our state’s peak body for architects, to be held in Coffs Harbour. In an exceptional demonstration […]

Different Pedal Strokes

"Different Pedal Strokes". Hey, that sounds like a good name for a book! And you could be one of its authors! So here’s how it will work. Write a completely original 2000 word (approx.) essay, advancing […]