Scale model bikes for architectural models

I so miss being a practicing architect, not for the psychedelic shock of seeing things I’ve designed built at 1:1 scale, out there under sky, but for the 1:100 models I would make, back at the […]

Dooring: a defensive riding technique.

Ah, the door zone. It gives you three options: 1. Ride on the footpath, slowly, showing excessive courtesy toward pedestrians. 2. Ride a full car width away from parked cars, out in the lane drivers have […]

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Forthcoming Speaking Tour

Would you like me to speak in your town? I’m funny, experienced, and best of all cheap! Next month I’ll be speaking in various Australian cities, after which I have talks lined up in Boston in […]

When you feel the burden of proof

My publicist said I should tweet, so I registered for a twitter account (Clover Moore follows me—go on, follow me too), but my problem with twitter, is I find myself cheering with fellow cheerers, all cheering […]