Rebuilding Japan

Cities destroyed in the tsunami last week in Japan, will be rebuilt. Protecting them with better floodgates seems futile, seeing how the floodgates they had didn’t work on the big day they were made for. My […]

When called on to be a witness

From time to time and by and by, a Cyclist’s mind turns to upsetting the ol’ apple cart, bribing His or Her local council for less deadly cycle routes, chasing down and berating drivers for harassing […]

Cycle specific bespoke attire

So much to do, so little time. Still, I know that every day a hundred or so people accidentally come to my blog having mistyped Hoover in google. And so I must blog, for your sake, […]

One lecture everyone needs to view

Whether you’re concerned about CO2 emissions, the public health cost of obesity, your local economy, long commuting times, kids’ freedom to safely cycle to school, the viability of main street shopping, or simply your own pleasure […]

Design the hardest part first

My mother told me, when ironing a shirt, iron the tricky bits first. She was right of course. The broad areas flow away from the collar and cuffs, not the other way around. There are parallels […]