3 things to build before bike infrastructure

Should it be the case that you live in a freestanding house, with a double garage, your only access to work and to schools via roads surveyed in the age of the streetcar or later, then woopsy my […]

Activists, advocates…scabs.

I have a vested interest in writing this: too many so-called bicycle advocates belong to a category my unionist forebears would have called scabs. More polite, but less accurate are words like dilettante, outsider, amateur or non-professional. Some […]

Car Land verses Bike Land in a real war.

It is not so much a war between drivers and cyclists as a war on city dwellers by those in the suburbs. The car and bike are merely the emblems that each side has taken, as though we each […]

The late night transport dilemma

One of the pleasures of cycling is the middle finger it raises to the petite bourgeoisie. It is precisely because I am the embodiment, already, of the Radio National listener’s whole list of things to aspire to that I must eat McDonalds, […]

A glossary for bicycle planning

There have clearly been some leaps in bicycle planning in the past decade. The onus for safety has shifted from riders to planners. The concerns of prospective cyclists now carry more weight than those of the […]