My cat posted this, by sitting on the keyboard

20. my family are now speculating, this is the cat’s way of threatening me, telling me I have 20 days left to live.

Promote my blog and win a cat

For four months now, I’ve seen the monthly number of hits to this blog reach not quite 5000. For a man who has always been able to rely on his looks, who employs his words for […]

Cyclists' unbalanced perspectives

From Left: Reyner Banham, architectural critic or crazy cyclist?; Lincoln Cathedral; your average bicycle shed. Oh we cyclists are such a prickly bunch, aren’t we! The architectural critic and theorist Reyner Banham rode his bike everywhere, […]

Companies that insure cars, will not insure health.

The NRMA is Australia’s major motoring group and car insurer, that grew to be a major home insurer as well (Oh, let’s face it, I know diddly swat about them, whether they’re mutualised, pasteurization, baptized—I really […]

Why do some architects mention cycling at all?

When architects are sufficiently famous, they see it as their role to speak on urban consolidation, society’s energy use, cycling, the big bang, the existence of god… anything really, other than what actually steered the design […]