Easter Sunday message


The technoascetic velomobilist, iPhone equipped

Help me here gentlemen, I have an opportunity to speak with the team behind the Copenhagen Wheel when I go to Boston next month, but I’m not sure I’m convinced of the Copenhagen Wheel’s merits. The […]

Celebrity endorsements

It is my way of giving something back to this world, from which my slave-trading ancestors took so much in the past, that I occasionally lend my fame and vast wealth to the promotion of humanitarian […]

Don't be shy, add me

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin… are there any I’ve missed (other than sites for zee couples, that is)? The aim of all this, this, connection, is to ensure none of us ever miss a party, am I right? […]

Black spots marring good fridays

Left: doped up on sugary milkshakes ready to race the ride home. Middle 3: Za Bear sat on the rear rack playing with daddy’s iPhone. Right: Mum stayed home looking pretty. Each of us has our […]