Dr. Behooving's Quotable Quotes

Dear fellow wonderful people, after recently hearing so many pithy quips roll mellifluously from my tongue, I believe the time may be nigh for Dr. Behooving to formulate a BIG FREAKING LIST!!!! Over time I shall […]

Get the look: local expert

It was my great pleasure today to show a journalist about my fine town. For the occasion I chose an artfully stressed linen shirt, sleeves rolled up as though I mean business. Mr. fix-it sets sight […]

Bicycle parking stations in every city

This is as embarrassing as going to the chemist. I must stand before you and confess that two wonderful bicycle parking stations have gone under my radar. Both are by architect Fernando Vazquez, in Long Beach […]

The Future

Mind if I share my glum mood? We drove to the in-laws’ for Easter lunch. An unnatural distance. It should be a day’s walk, but thousands commute that way every morning. I give them 5 years […]

This week on the cool hunting blogs

There was a time when I too, thought about squandering my vast inherited wealth on a New York address, so I could call myself a "New York based" architectural firm. I would have employed my classmates […]