My Incomparable Talent for Writing Reviews

Gentlemen, many among you have become regular readers of my blog, having first ambled upon one or two of the reviews I have written of my treasured Velorbis commuting bikes. Though this is a blog about […]

Architects might as well design their own bike racks

Conscientious architects want to touch the whole site with their hand, colonize it with their sensibility, make it all ring in harmony. Earning her fees here at Glasgow’s Museum of Transport, Zaha Hadid (or more likely, […]

The McDonalds Cycle Centre, Chicago.

I must duly confess, I was underwhelmed by the McDonalds Cycle Centre in Chicago. All good points aside, it employs painted mild steel showing some rust spots, buries the program underground (that only defense!) and carries […]

A certain fondness for Portland

Ah memories, and Portland is such a nice place. Where else could a realestate agent cut a living selling homes to people who absolutely do not want off street car parking? Where else could you find […]

Ideas Competition: how else might cyclists use brain sensors inside their helmets?

Loved ones, draw near and take note, the next recipient among you who shall be awarded Dr. Behooving’s coveted "Reader of the Week" prize (that launched BikeSnobNYC, and the Cycle-Chic empires), shall be the stand out […]