I can't remember where I was when I took this


A loophole to make buildings unsafe but more fun

Architects, listen up. I may have found you all a great way of justifying sloping floors and other whimsical forms that defy building codes, because they’re unsafe. I was tutoring a student today, who asked if […]

I am resting, I'm tired

Livejournal is riddled with faults at the moment. While I wait for their techos to fix things, I’m taking a break from blogging, and am concentrating on my book about architecture and bikes. I have all […]

architect designed folding bike

I must thank my friend David from architakes, for introducing me to the Morabike, designed by a Spanish architect, turned industrial designer. Now if John Ruskin were alive, this is the bike he would ride. Why? […]

Zaha in Rome

It is true after all. Livejournal was sold to Russians who host it on computers unloaded from sputnik. What the hell! They seem to be semi functional, so my little holiday from blogging might end. To […]