is the PAS house a house, or a skate park?

  If it were a house, it might not meet building regulations pertaining to safety. Oh those regs can be so freaking anal, you knows! By calling it a skate park though, and asking your visitors […]

When bikes look like the buidlings they're parked near

I saw this beautiful chrome bike chained out back of the Cooper Union Building, in New York, by Morphosis, and couldn’t help wondering if the owner lived or worked a few blocks away, but chained their […]

Inviting EOIs from Eastern European cities who would like me as mayor.

I think I’ve been aiming too low. Satisfying myself with writing books, and getting hits to my blog, enjoying some freebies and hospitality when I’m abroad, and having 272 followers via Twitter and 242 facebook friends, […]

Banality is the New Black

Somehow, I did always suspect my hand-held iPhone cinematography style, would inspire a world wide sensation. Witness Twitter Star Brian Jones, as he employs the style while riding through crowds at Womad last week. Now for […]

Help me fathom the bike/fashion nexus

Why is the bicycle this season’s fashion accoutrement? These are photos I took in Florence, around the fashionable quarter, where the wrong bike for those shoes could bring the whole look undone. I imagine these two-wheelin’ […]