Fly-throughs and ride-throughs

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qha1celFi0 In many ways the world is being designed for the day when everyone cycles, without designers having any idea they are being so kind to us. I’ve written and spoken before about us (cyclists) inheriting […]

What urban morphologies would result if we designed cities for cycling?

Although Utopian diagrams of ideal urban models are frightfully daggy these days, they can nonetheless throw big ideas into focus. Thus I posit for your learned consideration, an urban form diagram built on a cyclescape (far […]

What is it to cyclescape?

A designer, as we know, is landscaping when they conceive planting and earthworks to edify viewers walking about a cultivated landscape. We could say they are streetscaping, when they are thinking of the space between buildings […]

What is a Cycle-Space separatist city?

So here is what a separatist cycle-space city might look like. A child reared, schooled, entertained and taken shopping in the colourful new zones marked on this map (of Newcastle, my city), would grow up only […]

Turning this hobby into a duty

Regular readers will well know my propensity to joke around, but I’m not joking now. I’ve had a few genuine responses to my call for help, from architects and urban planners. All are geniuses, by which […]