Top 5 bikes of importance to architects

Meager pay, but recognition. That is the standard contract for architects. Recognition for what though? Most often, it is for creatively solving something that would otherwise have left life not fully optimized. This is what draws […]

A parallel universe that we might retreat to (at least for now)

Though it is unlike me to boast (hec hem) quite a buzz surrounds my little plan to use cycling to revitalize Newcastle, and let Newcastle (the one in Australia, I mean) be a model for all […]

More inspiration for indoor bicycling buildings

I know you all want to. Ride inside, that is. Or cheekily design buildings that invite such behavior. We have a like minded soul in johann watzke, who has mashed up some pictures of The Rolex […]

I only need a few million, not a few billion, to build a few bridges

Britain's recent work to increase the bike share, means cycling now contributes £2.9b annually to their economy, according to a new report from the London School of Economics. The report's author, the right honorable Alexander Grous, […]

By the seat of my non-lycra pants

Ladies, if you would be so kind as to avert your eyes for one moment, I have a rather a delicate issue to broach, with my male readers. Gentlemen, what can be done about this? Wearing […]