The epistemology of bike path design

Given our penchant for Chomskyan sophistries, and for trying our darndest to understand Derrida and Deleuze and these people, we architects have grown to be way too intellectually fashionable for structuralist thinking, of the kind that says: “copy […]

How engineers and architects differ

engineers design better roads — architects design better bike paths engineers like reading reports — architects like reading essays engineers like single big things — architects like many small things engineers aim for targets — architects […]

Lahz Nimmo's bicycle underpass in Canberra

I know a few of the folk who work at Lahz Nimmo Architects. We have a common passion for words. And you might say architecture=building+words. Take a bicycle underpass beneath an expressway-era piece of traffic engineering, add […]

Inner city bike races, near my place, this weekend

They do it in Holland, so it must be Kosher, right? Wharf Road in my city center, will be closed to traffic for criterium races, this coming Saturday afternoon, as part of Newcastle’s Cycling Carnival, and to […]

Simple v Elegant Plans

The task of forging a place for cycling, in cities that now have cars deep in their souls, is being hindered by simple ideas. “Simply lower speed limits and introduce no-fault laws to protect cyclists,” is […]