Greenways for all!

This (Southern Hemisphere) Summer, I shall mostly be cycling in virtual reality, mostly eating Vietnamese prawns, and mostly designing bicycling greenways. I think I love greenways even more than Belgian wheat beer, or even kinky high […]

Where to see the bicycling Renaissance

In the cycling Renaissance, Portland is today’s Florence, and the utility bike is the chapel. Design history is being made there, right now. http://vimeo.com/32176853 Portland is a sprawling, car dominated, cold and wet city with hills, […]


A lifetime seeking out back-routes discarded by drivers, has given me a hermit crab’s view of the world. As cyclists, we’re like that. We colonize space that John West rejects. So I see mountain bike riders […]

Bikes are like breast milk (and other casualties of Modernity)

Aren’t bikes like breast milk! I mean, crooks like Nestlé had us fooled infant formula had to be better. And aren’t bikes like those cast iron frying pans, that you get for ten bucks from the camp […]

Cyclists cleanse underbellies and bowels

Cyclists colonize and revitalize disused industrial easements. It’s just one of the many magnanimous things that we do. Minneapolis’s cyclists turned abandoned tracks into an artery of life and commerce, which that city now calls its Midtown […]