Bike Paths Redeem Le Corbusier

Brothers and sisters in cycling, you will find the first five minutes and twenty seconds of this clip unbearable to watch, an affront to all thinking men! Do-gooder types flag petty ideas for activating the ground […]

Local advocacy message

Readers in my city of Newcastle, will know our main bike routes are marred by some ridiculous crossings. One prevents countless potential cyclists from venturing between the city and its inner suburbs to the North West (Maryville, […]

It's the bike path, not the High Line, inspiring cool buildings.

I know it’s only symbolic—the architectural rendering equivalent of seeing a face of every hue in a public health brochure—but there are bikes in virtually every render of BIG’s W57 project in New York. Understandable, given this […]

By Water, Rail, Parkway or Road? (In places where cycling is an alternative lifestyle)

As far as I can make out, there are 4 main networks of publicly owned space in our cities: waterways, rail corridors, parks and roadways. One of those networks, the road network, is jammed full with […]

The Tokenhagen Style Bike Lane

I do so hate to waste your flavour, fellow bicycling advocates, but our quest to remodel car land in the image of Holland or Denmark, is proceding at glacial pace. We have hit yet another thick, […]