So what, if bicycle dependence isn't for everyone?

I have not made it clear, and perhaps it was not clear to me, that I see bicycle transport as part of an alternative lifestyle. Planners! Blame numbskull planners for any confusion. I have been mixing […]

Everyone is talking about Bicycle Oriented Development (BOD)

As banal as it is, the term Bicycle Oriented Development (BOD) needs using more often. Use it until planning authorities believe BODs are a thing. The term’s beauty, you see, is it is just nerdy enough, […]

Oh the allure of oblivion

Just before I die, I hope to be uploaded into my Tacx virtual reality bicycle trainer. In preparation, I’m throwing things out: bundles of The New Yorker and Treadlie; half worn tires that I have been […]

Blobitecture for bikes in Eindhoven, Holland

Ah, blob buildings. It was inevitable that one would eventually be inflicted on cycling. Before delving into critique though, I have some questions about the architect’s name. I’m not entirely sure how to pronounce it. “Fuksas“. […]

Data flows and fine tuning bicycle networks

My university has a new vice chancellor, who is not talking about overhauling the management structure according to the latest theories pertaining to management structures. She is speaking rather of small changes, closely monitored for their […]