Help me convince my ol' buddy that he doesn't really want his new bike.

The first thing I had to do was raise that quill stem and angle the bars so they didn’t feel so much like hedge trimming sheers in my hands. Otherwise, out of the box and all […]

Now Earth Hour has fizzled, it's time for BIKE HOUR

Cycling poses a serious threat to drive-time radio DJs (look right), psychiatrists, heart surgeons, and anyone who profits from this miserable state of affairs, called car dependence. They look at these people who are fast enough […]

Loop the Loop, 4 March, 10am, leaving from Market Town.

Because it grew out of a process, not drunken bar talk, the waterway bicycle loop I have identified as a potential big project for my city, Newcastle, is starting to gather some interest. I’ve been having […]

Scoop buys a bike

As Woody Allen once famously said, to rationalise running off with his wife’s daughter, “the heart wants, what the heart wants.” Okay, so that is disturbing. Suppose though, Woody he was not wanting his step daughter, […]

Is it only European bike stores that stock bikes for commuting?

Here’s a photo of my ol’ buddy Scoop. Since I am fortunate enough to own two dapper bikes (Velorbis gave me the Scrap Deluxe to review), I am able to loan Scoop a bike to match […]