Bike parking: a piece of the puzzle

The historic epicentre of my city is a peninsula, but a century of urban sprawl has shifted the geographical epicentre much further inland. Where the old city has been the focus of public transport, the logical […]

Man about town

I do so enjoy just being out about town on my bike. Mine is a sprawling, car dependent city, where going for a walk down the main street might see you pass no more than a […]

Sharrows from the council, who don't know what they're for.

On my way into the office yesterday, an opportunity arose for some bike activist nit-picking. Sharrows along our city-to-university bike route have been erased, and new ones painted, under parked cars! Local government is so delightfully […]

5 things that are not being said about cycling

It seems there is only so much that can be written on blogs and in magazines about cycling. Yay for bike lanes and waterproof clothes you can wear at the office. Boo for helmet laws and […]

Brace your kids for a low energy future. Send them to work as bike couriers.

I don’t have solar panels on my roof. I punched a courtyard through my old terrace house, to minimise the distance to any window. I figured solar panels would only corrode and fail before their economic […]