Bike Hour v Kony 2012

Michael Newton is a graphic designer who reads this blog. He read this post, where I first introduced the rationale for a World Bike Hour, and designed the poster that has since amused thousands of people. […]

My other bike is a bike

Rain, the lateness of the hour, and the way a few drinks can make you lazy and sociable, saw me accepting a car lift home from an exhibition opening/lecture last night. Rather than retrieving my bike […]

Buildings that speak to the bike riding viewer

A pedestrian stands at a right angle to the horizon. Someone on a bike is constantly leaning. It would seem more fitting, to my mind, if a building located in some place where more people would […]

Bike Hour has its first sponsor

Introducing the Mike (Situp-Cycle) Rubbo prize for the best Bike Hour video uploaded to the web after bike-hour. Mike will be donating one of his highly sought after bike-art works, to the value of $500, to […]

A DIY major bike project

A few of us here in my city, would like to see our network of creeks (let’s face it, they’re drains), turned into a bike path, forming a big loop, that would gather up other bicycle […]