Reorienting Transit Disoriented Development (Part 1)

Rating tools like LEED in the US, or Green Star in Australia, do not adequately penalise buildings for high energy consumption related to transport. In transit oriented development (TOD) contexts, treating transportation as a minor component […]

Your duty to put bikes on display in your house

Only bring things into your house that uplift you. That is as true for kitchen utensils as it is for furniture, or cat litter trays, and of course bikes. If you don’t love your bike, then […]

So long 15 minutes of fame

This is the graph WordPress shows me each day, to remind how fickle you are. You only read my blog when it’s worth reading. Oh if only I could rely on my looks for attention. I […]

Are we so smug in wet weather?

I love when it rains just after work. Rain during rush hour sorts the super commuters from all of you cream-puffs still treating cycling as a feel-good accessory, like reusable bags for your shopping. I work […]

What home means when you ride

Their homes greet drivers with automatic garage doors, and the same controlled air and broadcast entertainment they were being soothed by 10 minutes ago on the freeway. They step from their car to their kitchen, turn […]