Bicycle Oriented Development Plans

It is well understood that rail and light rail are catalysts for new development and that they can pay for themselves by increasing land taxes. The same is true of bike infrastructure. Our Bicycle Oriented Development (BOD) plans identify routes for linear park networks and green loops that unlock under-utilised land for higher value functions operating on a bicycle mobility platform. With clever route planning it is possible, too, to join the loose ends of the bike routes a city already has, activate Space Left Over After Planning (SLOAP), naturalise waterways, beautify former rail corridors and provide alternative access to schools, sports grounds and other centres of urban activity.

It is important that Bicycle Oriented Development plans garner the support of current non-cyclists, the property sector and providers of student and affordable housing. That is why we put community and local professional engagement at the centre of our design process.

(Here is a slide show explaining one case study.)

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