It's time the plebeians all went on strike

I call on all Plebeians, it is time for a strike. Though I count myself not among you, I sympathise with you. The patrician class has relocated from suburbs to dense city centres but given no thought to the people they need to clean their houses, make them their lattes, be their children’s school teachers, be their police, etc. etc.. I am talking dear Plebeian friends about you.


They should do at least as the Roman upper classes did for their butchers and bakers and intersperse tiny flats amidst their big houses. But they want to exclude you from their neighbourhoods at night and have you back through the day. This cannot persist!


Tomorrow do not take your bike and try making your way past their Audis to go clean their windows. Do not ride the train for an hour to make their lunches. Let them do it themselves! Let them have no hospital nurses. No one to fight fires. No one to carry out repairs on their homes.

Force them to the joint realisation that cities need affordable housing and the removal of cars from the ground plane so the plebeian class can move freely by bike, and secondarily by busses that are not stuck in traffic.

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