How to match a bike helmet to everyday clothes

I believe it was Jesus who said it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than it is to match a bike helmet to everyday clothes. One fashion trajectory has been to make helmets look more like garden pots every season.

Add a little bit of body text

A new idea from Paul Smith and Kask is to make a helmet that one-in-a-million people will know cost you double for absolutely no reason:


While no one else will, at least Singaporeans seem willing to try Brooks’s faux leather hairnets. Good on you Brooks, for at least trying.


You can try and look like Squid who is sponsored to the tune of one beer a year to wear a Bern helmet. It’s always cool too if a helmet does not meet Australian standards (Bern helmets don’t) so you can feel like a rebel but have the cops let you go.


I haven’t had to think much about this for three years. Soon though I will be leaving Tasmania and heading back to the mainland, where someone might see me.

Post script. 25 August 2015: now I’m back on the mainland I see helmets are optional. I’ve passed dozens of police without one on my head, and have seen dozens of others doing the same. The law about helmets is much like the law about pot: it’s there to help parents who are concerned for their children.  


  1. James says:

    Move to Byron and take the risk, or find a good doctor who’s willing to write you a medical exemption letter.

  2. Clark in Vancouver says:

    I would totally wear a Devo bike helmet if they had such a thing. Well, at least on wacky group rides.

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