My 10 year old's thoughts about Brisbane's low lands.

Thanks to their talent agent father Mikael, a lot of us in the bike planning world are familiar with the wise words of young urbanists The LuLu and Felix—both bonza kids it is true. So let me tell you about my youngest son, Atlas. When I told him we wouldn’t wear helmets if we moved to Holland, straight away he said, “Yeah, because there aren’t any hills.” Genius my boy.

Tonight I sent him the following email with the following attachment:

Atlas, this is a map of brisbane. The blue space is not being used because it is flood prone. But then all of Holland is flood prone and that hasn’t stopped people from building cities there. To make my point, the little black and white bit is the main part of Amsterdam to the SAME SCALE!
What does this make you think? Send me your thoughts in an email!

A few minutes later I received this reply:

I think that it is dumb why they haven’t built there cause like you said there is a lot of space they could build me an Atlas Industries building there that would be great I’d sell everything there including worm shells so if people need a shell for their pet worm they could get one because worm are very prone to get stepped on cause they are yucky. Or I could sell houses inside the building cause there is enough space to put houses in it and then cranes will carry the house to the bit of land. With the flood wall you said they could put up, instead they would make it a reinforced concrete building for extra space to sell stuff, or to put accommodation in them, there would be enough space for anything. Also looking at the map, you could build one of those epic playgrounds with everything and really high slides actually scratch that they could have 5 or something. There are no limits!
Send me your thoughts of how much money it would be to make this, how I could get the money, how I would get their council to agree to this, how long will it take, if you would chip in and help and if it would work and I’d get a profit. Please reply.

Then my reply to him:

That, my boy, is the most incredible reply I have had yet. With your permission, I would like to copy that email into a blog post and seek comment from my readers.
I also thank you for your patience as I seek genuine answers to your various questions.
Best wishes

With his dad so busy writing a book, poor Atlas has been missing out on the 24/7 attention to which he has been accustomed. You will be helping us both if you see some way of adding to this discussion. My sincerest thanks,

Steven (or “Dad” to his sons)


  1. Nick zintilis says:

    Just wondering how old he is..

  2. Nick zintilis says:

    Atlas shrugged?

  3. Nick zintilis says:

    Sorry did not read the title!

  4. Nick zintilis says:

    I AM watching AJAX!

  5. crank says:

    Atlas, it would cost less than the freeways the current PM is trying to build, to get the money, marry PMs daughter, which might help solve the local council issues also (need to work on legal age for that). It will be profitable, because damn people around the world will come to see that epic playground, and if not, the taxpayers get to foot the bill to ensure all the PMs business buddies make good dollars. To be honest, BCR is probably higher than EWLink and WestConnex, so should be an easy sell 🙂

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